Quotation Docs

Display the number of items added to the quote

Now you can easily show the number of products added to the quote.
We have created a function that you can access using a widget, a shortcode or a template tag.

This function shows the number of products added to the quote which is updated by ajax. By clicking on it, it is linked to the list of products added to the quote from which the user can send the request for a quote.

This way you have all the flexibility to show the number of products added to the quote in your theme, in a widgetized area or even on a page or post.

  • Widget: Appearance> Widget> ‘Quotation – Number of items in quote’
  • Template tag: adq_added_items()
  • Shortcode: [adq-added-items]

It returns the string ‘x in quote’ and prefixes the WooCommerce cart icon.

You could customize it adding custom styles in your theme. Lets see some examples:

Hide the icon:
.woocommerce .adq-added-items-link::before {
 display: none;
Only display number and icon:
.adq-in-quote {
display: none;
Replace the icon with your theme icon:

Let’s assume that your theme loads and uses the icons of FontAwesome and that you want to substitute the icon of the cart by the icon of the shopping basket (\f291) of FontAwesome.

.woocommerce .adq-added-items-link:before {
font-family: 'FontAwesome';
 content: '\f291';
Advanced customization:

If you need more advanced customization you could copy the template into your theme (my-theme/woocommerce/widget/) and customize it to suits your needs. Just as with any template WooCommerce.

You can find the template in the following path: