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Request for quote settings – OPTIONS


Enable guest request: Allow customers to request for a quote without creating an account.

Display returning customer login reminder: Enable login form in Quote List page.

Enable registration on the “Quote List” page: Add the password field to register an account.

Default validity date: Days before proposal expires, you can override when creating each quote.

Default reminder date: Days before reminder mail is sent, , you can override when creating each quote.

Enable pay options: Enable pay link for accepted proposals in emails and my account area.

Enable payments for out of stock products: Allow to pay for orders that contain out of stock products. Applicable for products that do not manage the stock and are out of stock. For all other cases, configure the ‘backorders’ option in the product inventory configuration.

Display discount: Show the discount applied with respect to the original prices of your store prices.

After add to quote: Action to perform after adding a product to the quote.

  • Redirect to quote list page: automatic redirection to Quote List page.
  • Show notice: Displays a notice at the top of the page linking to Quote List page.
  • Show notice under quote button: Displays a notice below the Add to quote button linking to Quote List page.

After accepting a proposal

  • Redirect to payment: Redirect the customer directly to the payment screen when proposal is accepted.
  • Redirect to my account: Redirect to My Account page when proposal is accepted.
  • Custom redirect: Redirect to cutom url when a proposal is accepted.

Custom URL to redirect after submitting a quote: URL to redirect the user after accepting the quote if custom redirect is checked.

Automatic proposal: Create and send automatic proposal after a customer request for aquote.

Enable coupons: Use and display WooCommerce coupons in quote list page.

Ajax error tolerance: Check it if you have ajax conflicts with third party plugins.

Disable Checkout Hooks: Disable some checkout hooks to avoid some third party plugins actions when subbmitting a quote. Check this to solve issues when submiting the request for a quote.

Location of custom fields into PDF invoice: Allows you to choose where to display the additional fields of the budget request form created with Contac Form 7

Request for quote settings - Options

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