Quotation Docs

Multilingual Request For Quote site using WPML

Now you can create a multilingual and multicurrency Request For Quote site using WPML, Please take a look at our demo, it is working in two languages using WPML plugin.

1 – Inherit the visibility of the Add to quote, Add to cart and Price in your product translations

Visit WPML > Translations management > Multilingual content set up (tab) > Custom fields:

  • Select the option  ‘Copy from original to translation’ for
    • adq_allow_product_comment
    • adq_visibility_cart
    • adq_visibility_price
    • adq_visibility_quote
    • _adq_inherit_allow_product_comments
    • _adq_inherit_visibility_cart
    • _adq_inherit_visibility_price
    • _adq_inherit_visibility_quote

If you have already translated your products before following this step, you will surely need to update your product translations to inherit the visibility of Add to quote, Add to cart and Price in your product translations.

2- Translate Quotelist page

Translate the Quotelist page as you would any other WordPress page. Be sure that the translated pages have the shortcode. [quote_request_list].

Make note of the translated page identifiers because you will need them to translate the Quotelist page ID using WPML string translation (Quote List Page).

3 – Translate the Quotation dynamic strings

WPML > String translation:

  • Select ‘Woocommerce Quotation’ domain to see the Quotation strings.
    • Translate Quotelist page ID
    • Translate Add to quote button
    • Translate your Contact Form 7 if you are using it.


Translating the Request For Quote – Quotation plugin

If  Request For Quote – Quotation plugin doesn´t include your languages you could translate it using poedit.

You might also translate using WPML: WPML > Theme and plugins localization > Woocommerce Quotation

And of course translate your Theme, WordPress menus, widgets, products, product categories, custom taxonomies, etc.