Quotation Docs

Override email templates via your theme

Quotation template files contain the markup and template structure for front-end and HTML emails.

Email template file can be found within the /woocommerce-quotation/templates/adq-email-template.php

Overriding email templates

This request for quote plugin comes with a number of email templates. Instead of editing these files directly within the plugin, which is a bad idea because once update the plugin and all of your changes will be lost!, you can copy them into your theme:

  1. In your theme directory, make a new folder called “woocommerce.”
  2. Navigate to the Quotation plugin directory and open the “templates” folder. The template file structure and naming in Quotation is easy to follow.
  3. In your newly created “woocommerce” folder, copy the template file that you want to edit. Remember to keep the directory structure the same here.
    Eg: my-theme/woocommerce/adq-email-template.php
  4. Edit the file from within your “my-theme/woocommerce/” folder to suit your needs and save the changes.