Request for quote plugin for Woocommerce / WordPress

This is an unofficial WooCommerce plugin. It is not Endorsed by or associated with Automattic, Woothemes, Woocommerce.
Quotation plugin is an unnoficial plugin for Woocommerce

Woocommerce extension to enable and manage Customer Quote Requests (RFQ’s) via Woocommerce frontend and backend.

This Request for a quote plugin contains a full quotation cycle. Ideal for stores providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being able to receive a custom quote. Customers click Add to quote button to add the products they are interested in to their quote basket and when ready click a Request for a quote button and their quote request is sent to you.

Enable Add to Quote buttons

  • Show or hide the ‘Add to quote’, ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Price’ per store, product categories (taxonomy/terms) and individual products.
  • Show or hide the visibility of the ‘Add to quote’, ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Price’ for everyone or only to registered customers that have been assigned a specific role
  • Show the ‘Add to quote’ button even if the produc is out of stock
  • Force show ‘Add to quote’ button for out-of-stock products
  • Enable the visibility of the ‘Add to quote’ button in Woocommerce catalog lists
  • Widget with dynamic refresh
Add To Quote via Woocommerce front-end
Add To Quote via Woocommerce front-end

Flexible request for quote proccess

  • Custom redirect after submiting a quote request
  • Customer accepts or declines the proposal via email and my account links
  • Redirect customer to checkout, my account or custom url after accepting/declining a proposal
  • Show/hide pay link in email and my account pages for accepted proposals
  • Enable payments for out of stock products. Applicable for products that do not manage the stock and are out of stock. For all other cases, configure the ‘backorders’ option in the product inventory configuration.
  • Admin accepts proposals via WooCommerce backend, useful when customers accept proposals by telephone, email and other media
  • Automatic creation and submission of proposals


Nicely integrated with Woocommerce


Customer relationship management

  • Send messages from Woocommerce backend
  • Customer messages from ‘My Account’ pages


Customer quote requests

  • Request for a quote via frontend.
  • Login / Register form
  • Request for a quote without creating an account
  • Add customer product notes
  • Add product add-ons using WooCommerce Product Add Ons or TM Extra Product Options plugins
  • Configurable Woocommerce form
  • Add extra fields using Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Enable Shipping request
  • Add general customer comments to the request
  • Enable Woocommerce terms and conditions


Auto-Generation of Quote PDF

  • Support for WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. Automatically generates a PDF for every quote you create. This PDF is then emailed to the customers. The customer also has the possibility to download the pdf >from my account pages.

Manage proposals via Woocommerce

  • Manage quote requests from your Woocommerce Orders page, exactly as if it were an order
  • Create quote requests and price proposals from Woocommerce backend
  • Send email to multiple administartors
  • Set reminders and expiry dates
  • Auto sending reminders and expiry emails
  • Add / Delete products
  • Enter shopowner comments per product
  • Custom price per product
  • Custom fees per proposal
  • Custom shipping prices per proposal
  • Woocommerce taxes calculation
  • Woocommerce total calculation
  • Attach files to the proposal
  • Enter shopowner comments per proposal
  • Public or private notes per proposal